The Old Man of Storr

Vik or Ùige Meaning Bay (from Norse)

In contrast with the general rule, here in Trotternish, the East coast has all the rugged views, while the West Coast presents a more uniform coastline.

Uig is a charming port with ferry links to Uist and Harris. There is accommodation and a number of places to eat out in Uig.

The Trotternish ridge provides an obvious focus for walkers but there are other shorter walks suitable for all abilities; the Fairy Glen is a beautiful whimsical walk through a valley produced by many small landslides. The standing stones at Eyre where legend had Fingall make a campfire to cook a whole deer or a short walk to see Captain Frasers Folly in Uig.

Captain Fraser was an infamous land owner who doubled the rents in 1877 and provoked rebellion among the crofters. He later wheedled for favour with gifts of tea and sugar but the crofters complaints were better answered when parliament passed the Crofters Holdings (Scotland) Act 1886.

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Sunset over Talisker Beach

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