Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye in Scotland

Stewart Dawber

Stewart Dawber

Wildlife photographer and cameraman.

After spending many years on the river banks in Devon documenting the king of all fishers the Kingfisher, which makes what is left of the quiet areas in Devon their home I followed the call to revisit the Highlands of Scotland and pursue my lifelong dream of photographing and filming the ‘King of all birds’ the Golden Eagle. I have now been living and working on the Isle of Skye for the last ten years and it has become my home.

I am able to use my photographic skills and fieldcraft in my capacity as a wildlife tour guide in which I endeavour to help my clients get closer to iconic Scottish wildlife without disturbing their natural behaviour.

My ethos is to blend in with the natural environment, introduce clients to the natural history of this island, but at the same time maintaining the welfare and wildness of the animals and landscape which makes the isle of Skye the most magical place to be.