Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye in Scotland

Spring Adventure


Matt Barratt
Portree | Isle of Skye

Winter Cuillin

As the winter recedes and spring comes around, the Scottish adventure sector shifts its focus from winter skills and ice climbing to rock and coastal activities. Matt is gearing up for another busy season on Skye, preparing himself and the business for the intensity of spring and summer in the Cuillin. His blog describes the diversity in his job and the kind of preparation required to make sure it all goes smoothly!

Spring is gradually taking over from a particularly cold and snowy winter so after a great few months of guiding winter climbing and mountaineering I am starting to go rock climbing and jumping in the sea again. Its a great time of year in the Highlands as the outdoor possibilities seem endless, one day I can be traversing knife edge ridges on perfect snow and the next day climbing warm rock by the sea.

Winter Cuillin Climb

It is also a great time of year as we get to discuss a lot of plans with clients who are looking forward to their dream trip to Skye. You can feed off their excitement and it really marks the emergence from the long nights of winter knowing that there are a lot of adventures to be had in the upcoming months. It also gives me extra motivation as the next few weeks are a busy training period before we get really busy again. We undertake a lot of skills training, such as checking our rope work skills, visiting all our venues to re-familiarise ourselves with them and making sure the business runs smoothly behind the scenes. Guiding is also a very physical job so I spend a lot of time in the gym when work is a little quieter, building up strength to get through the summer safely!

Skye Summer Climb

The Summer is aproaching and then we will be into the whirlwind of business that marks the busy time of year on Skye so I just have a week or two to get in a few adventures of my own.