Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye in Scotland

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Chloe Urquhart
Portree | Isle of Skye

Portree Swim

From her New Years Day Dip to the intense experience with Highland Young Musicians and the upcoming instructor training with Skye Sailing Club or the pain of Dechox, 2018 is proving to be all in a good cause for High School student blogger Chloe.

It’s been a busy Spring at High School in S5 and I’m working towards sitting my Higher exams. I enjoy sailing, playing music and socialising.

On the 16th of March I travelled down to Aviemore - which happens to be a four and a half hour bus journey from where I live - to play the violin in the Highland Young Musicians Festival concert. We spent two days within the resort and merciless rehearsals filled the hours, but as soon as we stepped out on the stage, it was all worth it. My orchestra played our pieces like we never have before, and the audience loved it.

I attended our annual sailing club AGM. We reviewed last seasons’ events and successes and looked at what we could change to make things run more smoothly. Going to the meeting just made me more excited for the sailing season to start as this year, having completed my level 4 RYA dinghy course, I will be doing my dinghy instructor course, allowing me to teach other sailing cadets at the summer sailing school.

Chloe Sailing

Spotted chatting (as usual) during the 2017 Skye Games Dinghy Race.

Winter Skye Swim

January 1st : went for a refreshing swim with some sailing club members to kick of 2018.

At the end of February, I decided to take part in the 2018 Dechox event. This is where you get sponsored to not eat chocolate for the entire month and all the money raised goes to The British Heart Foundation. For someone whose go-to comfort food is chocolate, this was definitely going to be a challenge!

My friends were all but supportive. On Day One, they all bought chocolate brownies and offered me Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, knowing full well why I couldn’t have any but they persisted to tempt me nonetheless! As the long 31 days passed by, I was faced with temptation, even my own Dad tried to get me to give in but the thought of a guilty conscience was enough to stop me.

Lucky for me, Easter fell on the 1st of April, so I was able to indulge in chocolate eggs along with the rest of the population. I managed to raise £100 for the British Heart Foundation and enjoy my chocolate easter egg, so it was definitely worth the struggle!