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Spring Adventure


Matt Barratt
Portree | Isle of Skye

Winter Cuillin

As the winter recedes and spring comes around, the Scottish adventure sector shifts its focus from winter skills and ice climbing to rock and coastal activities. Matt is gearing up for another busy season on Skye, preparing himself and the business for the intensity of spring and summer in the Cuillin. His blog describes the diversity in his job and the kind of preparation required to make sure it all goes smoothly!

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Winter Beauty


Susanne Southall
Harlosh | Isle of Skye

Skye Winter

Sharing images of Skye’s natural winter beauty, Susie’s blog features an account of a writing and photography project begun in the depth of winter as an antidote to the short days and low light. As the rest of the country grinds to a standstill under snow drifts and freezing rain, these images reflect the coming of Spring after the icy blast.

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Start a New Year


Chloe Urquhart
Portree | Isle of Skye

Portree Swim

From her New Years Day Dip to the intense experience with Highland Young Musicians and the upcoming instructor training with Skye Sailing Club or the pain of Dechox, 2018 is proving to be all in a good cause for High School student blogger Chloe.

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