Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye in Scotland

Driving Tips

The roads around Skye and the Highlands of Scotland do get busy during the summer. To enjoy your journey when driving the following tips will help both you and other road users.

These are just ‘tips’ you should be familiar with the UK Highway Code, which details best practises and UK driving laws.

Speed Limits

Speed limits are in Miles Per Hour (mph), this often catches out European drivers.

  • Restricted Road – 30mph (towns and villages)
  • Single Track Road – 60mph (for cars)
  • Single Carriageway – 60mph (for cars)

Pull Over

If you are driving below the speed limit at a relaxed holiday pace (to enjoy the views), then please consider others. If other cars catch-up with you, then do pull over at the next safe parking spot to let others get past you. This will allow you to enjoy your drive without slowing others down.


Always use designated parking areas. Don’t park on the verge, in passing places or front of gates.

In towns or villages again use the designated parking places and do check if there are any time restrictions (these should be signposted).

Single Track Roads

There are many single track roads around Skye and other parts of the Highlands. If you are not used to this type of smaller road then follow these tips.

Keep Left

Keep to the left. When passing other cars use the marked passing places and keep to the left. Which ever car gets to the passing place first must wait on the left hand side. If a car waits for you then a small wave as you pass is expected, this is a polite way to say thank you to the other driver.

Keep Left | Skye Driving Tips

Never Cross Right

Never cross to the rights hand side, even if you get to the passing place first. This is dangerous.

Never Cross Right | Skye Driving Tips

Never Leave the Road

Never leave the road to try and squeeze past other cars. The verges are often very soft and you may get stuck.

Never Leave Road | Skye Driving Tips


If you meet another car you may need to reverse back to the nearest passing place. Which ever car is nearer to a passing place should reverse. If a car reverses for you then remember to thank the other driver with a small wave as you pass.

Reverse | Skye Driving Tips


Allow other cars to overtake you. If a car catches up with you then pull over at the next safe passing place on your left. Choose a passing place with good visibility (not on a corner). Use your left-hand indicator to tell the car behind you that you are letting them past.

Over Take | Skye Driving Tips