Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye in Scotland

7 - Scorrybreac

Scorrybreac Walk

A shorter walk by the shore of the beautiful Portree Bay, enjoy views out across the sea to the Island of Raasay.
Bring your camera as this walk offers a chance to see the Sea Eagles that nest on the high cliffs nearby. Makes a perfect after dinner walk on a long summers evening.

Portree harbour from Scorrybreac walk. Path to the Black Rock on Skye.  Scorrybreac view point near Portree. Snow on scorrybreac walk. Path on Scorrybreac walk on Skye. View of Camus Ban from Scorry walk. Rocks on Scorrybreac walk. Scorrybreac walk on Skye.

The Scorrybreac walk is a loop, returning to the same point (the carpark). It covers a distance of 3.1km, with the average time to complete the walk being 45 minutes (with no stops).

We have classed this walk as ‘Short’ in length and ‘Average’ for difficulty, check the rating guide for details.


This is a Portree walk. The walk starts at a small carpark at the end of a road sign posted for ‘Budhmor’, below the Cuillin Hills Hotel. The name ‘Scorrybreac’ is actually a small ruined village on the hillside above Portree, but these days Scorrybreac is known as the headland that the walk passes.


This walk is suitable for most weather conditions, but will be enjoyed the most on a clear day to take advantage of the view.


There is limited parking spaces in the carpark itself, but further back along the road in the Portree direction there are more laybys that can be used. If you are already in Portree, than simply walk down to the start.

The Walk

For the start point as you look out over Portree Bay you will see the pier with its iconic different coloured buildings along the harbour wall. In the summer the bay will be full of moored boats as this sheltered natural harbour is a popular destination for sailing yachts.

Make sure your look through the Walk SlideShow, as it give a step by step account of what you will encounter.

Stage 1

From the Carpark look for the wooden sign (Scorrybreac Circuit) pointing you towards a narrow road following the shoreline. This road leads to the Skye Sailing Club boathouse and Slipway. More great views of the bay can be seen from the slipway.
The Sailing Club is active during the summer months from April to October.
Continue past the boathouse and up a hill under the trees to reach a wooden bridge, then a wooden gate.

Stage 2

Pass through the gate and follow the gravel path.
To your left a small path breaks away up the grassy bank where you will see a white flag pole and stone wall. This is a memorial for the Nicolson Clan.

Behind the memorial there is a hidden path up the bank to a viewpoint, this is not part of the walk but does offer a great view of Portree Bay. The main path follows the shoreline below the memorial.
Following the main path ahead you will see the ‘Black Rock’, Ben Tianavaig (mountain) and C (a grey sandy beach).
The path now has steep bank to your left hand side and Hazel trees covering the bank, some of the trees over hang the path making a canopy tunnel to walk through.
After 5mins you will get to the headland where the ‘Black Rock’ juts out. This is a tidal rock where on dry days seabirds can be seen drying the wings.
The path now passes some benches and the turns left around the headland.

Stage 3

The path now becomes a good bit rougher under foot and narrower.
You will now see some fish farms just off the shore, these farms grow Salmon.
From now on there is a good chance of seeing the Sea Eagles as they nest on the nearby cliffs.
The track is narrow and rocky in places but very clear in direction; continue with the rocky sea shore on your right and a steep bank leading to high cliffs on your left hand side.
The track reaches an area with large boulders of rock and directly beyond a stone wall.
The stone wall has a small wooden gate – don’t go through, simply turn left at the wall and follow the path.

Stage 4

With the stone wall on you right hand side follow the path inland away from the sea.
The track starts to raises up and zig zags up the steep bank. The climb is tiring, take breaks and remember to look round to take in the view. Look back out to sea; across the channel you will see the Island of Raasay.
The track will level out as it reaches the top of the climb.

Stage 5

The trail now heads inland away from the cliffs with a stone wall on your right hand side.
After walking for a few minutes more the path drops slowly down to a wooden kissing gate.
Head through the gate and then follow the path to the left. There is a green sign confirming the route.
Now with a wire fence on your right hand side the narrow path raises up over the moor.
You will start to see the houses of Portree in front.
The path now drops downhill to come alongside a stone wall.
Follow the track with the stone wall on your right hand side.
Pass through a small metal gate and carry on down beside the stone wall.
As you drop lower down Willow trees will start overhang the path.
An older wire fence is now on your left, the path remains clear. Another wooden kissing gate is ahead, continue through.

Stage 6

The path drops down into an increasingly wooded area were the first roof tops of houses will come into view.
The track now ends onto a tarred road, turn left and follow the public road down. The road passed by the Cuillin Hills Hotels and down the road to the shore, the walk’s carpark will be on your left hand side.

Walk Summary

Length Short Walk
Difficulty Average Difficulty Walk
Total Distance 3.1km
Average Time 45min

Location Map

Scorrybreac Location

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