Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye in Scotland

Skye Wedding Tips

The Isle of Skye is at the top of the list of wedding locations for many couples.
We have listed out ten tips for a successful wedding on Skye.

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Photographs by Lynne Kennedy.

1 - Be prepared for the weather

Skye is an absolutely stunning location for an outdoor wedding but the weather is known to be temperamental at best. And it isn’t just like this during Winter. While the weather may be milder during Summer, it can still change without warning into less than desirable conditions for a wedding. High winds can affect boat trips and high rain will put a dampener on any wedding day. There are several ways you can be prepared for this, but a great way to ensure you are ready for all eventualities is by having a Plan B.

2 - Have a Backup

Speaking of Plan B, when organising a wedding on Skye, you can never be too set in your ideas. Your ideal vision may be getting married on the edge of Loch Coruisk at the base of the Cuillin mountains in amazing weather but if the winds are too high, the boat taking you there won’t be able to sail. So when this happens, it is always best to have a backup option. There are many village halls around the island that can make for a wonderful plan B. Alternatively, you can always wait for the weather to calm down before taking your photographs with the Cuillins at that opportune moment. Or if you don’t want to change plans last minute, there are several accommodation options that have gardens as well so you can choose on the day if the wedding will occur inside or outside. As long as you keep an open mind, your Skye wedding will be most enjoyable for everyone involved.

3 - Use local vendors

One of the advantages of getting married on a bigger island, such as Skye is that there is no lack of local talent for your wedding day. From hair and makeup to several very talented photographers, you can bring your entire day together using vendors located on the island. Not only does this make planning easier as everything is in one place, it can dramatically decrease costs for the wedding as you aren’t needing to bring your own vendors. It also allows you to take advantage of the local’s knowledge about Skye because, trust me, no one knows the best places to eat or sleep like the locals.

4 - Book accommodation early

Skye is a major tourist attraction and as such, in the tourist season, accommodation can fill up fast! This isn’t such a big concern in the Winter as it is in the Summer but definitely needs to be taken into consideration to avoid disappointment. A good idea can be to book up a block of rooms or places to sleep so that everyone on your guest list has somewhere to stay. This also applies if you’re planning your honeymoon on Skye, get those bookings in as early as you can.

5 - Book a quality photographer

You definitely don’t want to cut corners on a good photographer. Lots of people who choose to get married on Skye do so to avoid the stress and drama of a larger wedding and as such have a smaller number of people in attendance at the actual wedding. So make sure you have lots of stunning photographs to show off to everyone back home. And as Skye has such a stunning landscape, you want to make sure it is captured to its absolute best in your wedding photographs. Paying a little bit extra on an amazing photographer can really make the difference in photos you cherish for the rest of your life.

6 - Marriage visas

If you are from outside European Economic Area and Switzerland then you will need to look into getting a marriage visa. This is different from a tourist visa so when purchasing this, ensure you are getting the right one. And be sure to use the official government website as there are lots of third party sites who will try to sell you a marriage visa for upwards of £200! On the official website, they are £87 and you can navigate the site in a language of your choice. You can also get them up to 48 hours before the wedding, though you will probably want to consider getting it earlier.

7 - Try the local seafood

Skye is famous for its fresh seafood and it would be a shame not to experience this either on your big day or during your honeymoon. There are michelin star restaurants on the island alongside bars, food vans and cafes so have your seafood however you like it, fresh from the boat.

8 - Don’t ignore trespassing signs

You may have heard that Scotland doesn’t have any trespassing laws and that you can get married wherever you like. While they are very lax, there are still some in place so it is wise to keep an eye out for signs, and ask for permission from a landowner where possible if you are getting married outside. Most of the time it will be completely fine but it is always best to double check, especially if you want your big day to go off without a hitch.

9 - Register your marriage

If you’re getting married in Scotland, you need to register your marriage with the local registry between three months and 29 days before your wedding. If you’re new to the country and aren’t sure which registry correlates to your wedding venue then there is a government site where you can look up your location and be directed to the correct registry office. This allows your marriage to be official which means it’s a very important part of the process.

10 - Have a great time

This one may seem obvious but we felt it needed to be included. Getting married is a big deal, we understand that, and you want to make sure every detail is perfect but don’t lose sight of the big picture. Ensure you take some time for yourselves to enjoy Skye’s scenery, whether it’s feeling calm or stormy, and appreciate the wonderful place you chose to get married. Trust us, that’s how you get some of your most memorable moments.

If you would like help planning your wedding on Skye then contact Skye Weddings.