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Rubha Hunish

Rubha Hunish Walk | Isle of Skye

The Rubha Hunish walk takes you to the most northerly tip of the Trotternish peninsula on Skye. The views from the high cliff top are outstanding allowing you look out to sea for miles. On a clear day you can see most of the Outer Isles of Lewis, Harris and Uist. The return route along the shore offers an alternative view of Duntulm Castle.

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Rubha Hunish walk starts at Shulista which is 24miles from Portree. There is space for about 8 cars in the carpark. There is an old style red phone box at the Shulista road end.
The walk is loop totalling 6.2km and takes an average of 2hrs to complete. It is graded as Difficult as parts of path are very rough and there are some steep sections.


Parts of the path do get muddy after wet weather. The high cliff tops make this walk unsuitable if it is particularly windy.

Stage 1

The walk starts over a cattle grid where there is a small green sign for Rubha Hunish on the left.
Follow the stony path over the heather moorland, where you will see an old stone fank used to sort sheep. The track can be muddy in places. There are a few white posts along the route marking the path. Sections of the path are made from large slabs of rock in the ground.
The track breaks up slightly on the way over the grassy bank but the general direct remains clear. Below the path on the left are the Erisco ruins. Erisco was used to re-settle villagers during the Highland Clearances. Crofters built the small cottages near the township wall.
The path drops down and continues over more stone slabs. Then changes to a grassy path for a short section and down to a small river which is easy to step over. Follow the trail on the grassy section until you reach a gate (1.6km).

Stage 2

Once through the gate follow the stony path. This next section can be wet and rough as you cross the hillside and on to a small ‘u’ shapped valley. Through the heather the path breaks into multiple tracks though the direction is clear. As you reach the clifftop you will see a gate and two stiles.

Coast Guard Lookout

From the gate turn right and follow the rough track up the hill to visit the Coast Guard lookout bothy. It was used as a lookout station for the Coast Guard as it offers panoramic views out to sea. It is now maintained and used as a bothy making it a intresting place to stop for lunch on a wet day. There is also a bench near the bothy to stop and enjoy the views. Once ready head back down to the gate and stiles to continue the walk.


Though not included in our walk it is possible to go through the gate and take the steep cliffside path down to the point. We have not included this as there is a particularly challeging section on the path. For the more adventurous there is an impressive sea stack on the right of the point. Due to the tidal flow and depth this is also a good place to watch whales at the right time of year (late summer).

Stage 3

Take the two stiles over the fence and walk up the hill where there are a few large rocks to step around.
Take care along the next section as you are near high cliffs. From here you can see over to Lewis and Harris to the north, to the west Waternish Head and to the east Gairloch and the mainland.
The trail turns left and drops steeply downhill over wet and muddy ground. You are now looking over Hunish Bay to Duntulm Castle. Follow the path down to the shore until you reach the next gate.

Stage 4

Follow the path along the shore towards the castle.
You will see the Erisco ruins to the left of the path - feel free to stop and explore.
The path here is a mix of grass and stone with a few streams which are easily crossed. 
As you work your way along the shore path, passing Tulm Island, you will reach a large stone wall. Turn left and follow the wall up the field away from the shore.

Stage 5

At the next corner of the wall there is a fence which must be crossed using a stile. Follow the wall on your right-hand side as you work your way around the field. There may be farm animals grazing in the field.
At the top of the field you will reach some houses and a small loch where there is a fence to step over. The section by the loch can get very wet. Cross the boggy section, through the gate and up the gravel drive in front of the Coastguard Cottages.
At the main road turn left and follow the road back to the carpark.

Walk Summary

Length Medium Length Walk
Difficulty Difficult Walk
Total Distance 6.2km
Average Time 2hrs

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Rubha Hunish Location

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