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Glenhinnisdal Walk | Isle of Skye

Kingsburgh Forest is a 178 hectare community owned forestry that has two plantations, Glenhinnisdal and Glenuachdarach. The forest consists of birch, oak, willow, spruce and alder trees and is home to wildlife such as eagles and red deer as well as lots of wild plants. This walk has beautiful views over Glenhinnisdal and there is a solid track the whole way.

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This 8.8km walk takes an average of 2hours to complete. The walk is graded as Easy as there is a solid track the whole way. There is a river crossing with steppingstones at the very end of the route which may challenge the less able, but it could be missed out without spoiling the walk.


The walk is 10miles from Portree on the A87 to Uig road and is 5.5miles from Uig. There is parking for around 6 cars by the forest gate which is 200m from the Glenhinnisdal road end in the Portree direction.


This walk can be completed in all weathers as it has a stone track, but the river crossing at the end of the walk may be impassable after wet weather.

Stage 1

The walk Starts of through the first of 5 gates. An information board can be found on the left of the path containing details about the forest. Follow the track up the hill to reach a picnic bench to the left of the track, a nice spot to stop and admire the view.
You will see lots of native wild plants along the edge of the track throughout your walk. Continue following the path which will drop down to a second picnic bench where the track splits. Keep left and take the lower track. It will not be long till you reach the second gate at 0.9km. Head through and close the gate behind you.

Stage 2

You are now walking through a more recently planted section of the forest. Follow the undulating track while enjoying the views over the glen. You will notice some old trees that have been left to create perches for eagles and buzzards. At 2km you will reach the third gate where there is an interesting wood carved bench for you to stop for a rest. Remember to close the gate after you.

Stage 3

This section of the walk is no longer in the forest but takes you over crofting land. Here you may encounter sheep and cattle so dogs must be kept on the lead through this section to avoid scaring the livestock. Just past the gate on the right-hand side maybe 100m up the hill from the track there are some ruins of old black houses. You could to stop and explore.
The tack continues down into the glen where you will see a traditional stone walled paddock. Follow the track to reach the fourth gate at 2.9km. Close the gate behind you to stop sheep and cattle from escaping.

Stage 4

You are now back in the forest. Follow the solid gravel track down through the woodland. The track is very straight, and you can see for a good stretch ahead. You may pass large log piles cut and left for the local community to use for firewood. Do not climb on the log piles and they are likely to fall.
The path will take you to the fifth and final gate at 3.8km. As always close the gate behind you.

Stage 5

Just after the gate you will reach a river that is passable with care over some steppingstones. After wet weather this may be more difficult to cross. You are near the end of the walk so if you didn’t want to cross the river you can turn and follow the main track back the way you came.

Once over the river the track takes you up through and older section of the wood. Here you will see a mix of wind damaged trees and younger trees. The path narrows here and continues to the right before a short steep climb up the hill to the end of the track. Here you will reach a gate on to the heather moorland.

Stage 6

Follow the track back the way you came, on the final stages of the return there are some beautiful views out to sea over Loch Snizort.

Walk Summary

Length Medium Length Walk
Difficulty Easy Walk
Total Distance 8.8km
Average Time 2hr

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