Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye in Scotland

Skye Walks

Skye has hundreds of great walks that vary in both terrain and difficultly. We have walked most of them and created a walking guide of our favourite.
We have two categories, the Top 10 Walks which are selected based on popularity and the Island Walks which are our favourite. All walks have been carefully selected based on a strict criteria and have been graded in difficulty.

Walk Selection

To make the short list we have chosen walks that meet the below criteria:

  • Must be simple to follow with a defined path.
  • Can be completed without the use of maps or navigation aids.
  • Ideal for the typical visitor to Skye.

The criteria rules out any of the Cuillin Mountains as all of these famous hills should only be attempted by experienced walkers & climbers who can use a map and compass.
If you would like to try climbing a Cuillin, but don’t feel confident in your own abilities to complete it safely, then consider hiring a mountain guide.

For each of our walk guide articles we have included a detailed description and a slideshow of photo’s giving a step by step account of what to expect.


Each walk has been graded both for difficulty and length. The walk times are average for a fit adult who regularly walks, if you walk a bit slower then allow more time.

Easy – can be completed by the less physically fit wearing shoes with little ankle support.

Medium – most of the path is easy walking but there may be a slightly rougher, wetter or steeper section.

Difficult – much of the path is rougher to walk on with steep sections. There may also be a tricker crossing or a more challenging section. The overall walk will require a reasonable fitness level.

Short – the entire walk can be completed in under an hour

Medium – can be completed in under 2 hours with no stopping

Long – over 2 hours of walking - ‘bring your lunch and make a day of it’


Walking like all outdoor activities carries an element of inherent risk.
Below are some tips on staying safe:

  • Footwear that has prenty grip and provides some ankle support should be worn while walking on rough terrain.
  • Weather Forecast – being aware of what the forecast is and how the weather conditions can affect which walk to choose.
  • Tell someone where you are going and when you aim to be back.

Our guides are designed to help you choose a great walk, we cannot take responsibility for any injury while attempting these walks.
Please take care.


The environment is very important to all walkers, while out enjoying one of Skye breath-taking walks follow the below tips:

  • Stick to the paths to minimise erosion.
  • Put all litter in a bin, even if it was not yours.
  • Don’t disturb any wildlife.


Most of the listed walks are great for dog. A general rule is to keep your dog in a short lead while near any grazing animals such as sheep or cattle. Always clean up after your dog, binning any mess.

Enjoy your Walk.